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First and foremost, the new Jawbreaker lens is big.oakley sunglasses for men.The width is roughly the same as the already-generous Radarlock XL but instead of dipping down in middle, the top of the lens now features an upward curve to provide a bigger field of view, particularly when riding in a low and aggressive position.Discount Oakleys.Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses Store.The lower edge is now scalloped to provide a little more room around your cheeks but even so, the only way these look even remotely normal is when paired with a helmet.

While the Jawbreaker’s looks are unquestionably polarizing, they're to a large extent dictated by the design’s dizzying array of moving parts and gadgets.oakley womens sunglasses.In fact, 27 separate pieces go into just one pair of glasses.Much like the Jawbone, the Jawbreaker features a hinged lower frame to lock the lens in place.Fake Oakley Crosslink. Jawbreaker uses a huge single shield instead of separate dual lenses, however, and there’s now a metal cam device built into the nosepiece instead of snap-together plastic bits. This not only makes for a more secure fit but also lends the Jawbreaker a notably sturdier overall feel.Out back,Cheap Oakley Sunglasses.Oakley has also incorporated into Jawbreaker rubber-covered earpieces that can be adjusted in three different lengths to better fit a wider range of rider head shapes and helmet retention systems.Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses Outlet.

That said, there’s no arguing with the quality of the optics, which is unquestionably superb. Fake Oakleys.Oakleys Outlet Online.As intended, the field of view is expansive with almost none of the frame visible except when peering downward. There’s also no noticeable distortion and, despite the expansive coverage, fogging hasn’t been much of an issue given the venting around the edges – at least given our minimal riding time so far.oakley outlet.