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Oakley came out with Asian fit sunglasses in 2013 and definitely struggled with the branding a little bit, but the glasses themselves have gotten pretty solid reviews.Cheap Oakley Sunglasses. These are the classic Oakley Frogskins that everyone knows, loves, and recognizes from the 1980s, but adjusted to fit Asian faces better.oakley sunglasses sale.

We’ve ridden in the Prizm lens from Oakley for a few months now and must say that the benefits from the color correction are incredible, especially when compared to a traditional clear lens.Discount Oakley.By applying the same technology that’s used in certain sets of the sunglasses to three special motocross lenses (Black Iridium for full sun exposure, Jade Iridium for shadows, Bronze for low light), Oakley is able to maximize colors and contrast of the scene, without making anything artificially “brighter.” Oakley’s Vision Performance Lab Manager Wayne Chumbley explains it all perfectly in this interview from a few months back.Oakleys Cheap Sale.

If you are unfamiliar with the incredibly clear and precise optics found in Oakley eyewear, you owe it to yourself to experience optical perfection firsthand.oakley sungalsses outlet. The company’s lenses are so clear and distortion free, that Oakley is the go-to glasses for many of the world’s top competition marksmen and precision military shooters. Even at short distances, the slightest visual distortion caused by an inferior lens can have a significant effect on shot accuracy, which, in mountain-bike terms, is the equivalent of line selection and wheel placement.Cheap Oakleys. In other words, distorted vision can easily lead to wrapping one’s self around a tree.